About me


From Paris to the United States.

I grew up near Paris, and started playing drums since the first days I was able to hold drum sticks.  Everything I do in the artistic world to this day I owe to my parents, who believed and pushed me to become who I am.  My father is a musician and my mother was a ballerina, they encouraged my artistic drive. At the age of 14, I started to think about music as a career.  As the years went by, I realized that I had the talent to make it.  I played in several bands and started playing regular concerts, and began generating interest with my piano compositions.  In 2013 I was accepted at Berklee with a  scholarship and quickly started touring with fantastic bands such as Ghost Pepper and 2birds.  It was only then that Berklee allowed me to see my true ambitions – the music and sound of film and games.  I graduated from Berklee in Spring 2017 with a film scoring major degree and a minor in video game scoring.


Video Game Scoring

I love video games.  I spent a majority of my life playing them.  And unlike many, I’ve always had a major interest in analyzing the game design, the music, the depths of the lore and gameplay.  Studying this has led me to compose in an informed and unique way.  Even with my preference for orchestral music, I learned how to write in many different styles and emotions ranging from old midi styles to jazz, funk, rock and more.  My sensibility as a drummer allows me a distinct feel for pacing while my Berklee education and my experience as a composer allows me to create music that can soar, soothe, scare or support the gaming experience in any way that’s needed.



I’ve been playing drums since the age of 5.  I am now able to play any style needed.  I have performed rock, pop, jazz, fusion, progressive rock, blues, samba, funk… my personal preferences being progressive rock and funk fusion.  I’ve performed and toured in many places around the world and I’ve been part of countless recordings, whether for bands in which I am a member, or as a session musician.  I also started a fun and casual YouTube channel, the Foulix Experiment, where I play drums over video game music.



  • Performing (Drums and Piano) 
  • Composing (Bands, Films and video games)
  • ​Voice Actor (Dubbing, Acting)
  • Conducting 
  • Video Game sound designing
  • Arranging 
  • Recording
  • Mixing
  • Teaching (Drums)
  • ​Fluent in French and English


  • Digital Performer, Protools, Cubase, Logic
  • Finale
  • ​Final Cut Pro, Davinci Resolve 
  • Unity, Wwise, Fmod